Yes!  You have found the online home of the backyard chicken movement in Waunakee, Wisconsin!
Keeping and caring for egg-laying hens in your own backyard coop is a fun, educational, and health-promoting hobby that kids and families are enjoying all around Dane County, throughout Wisconsin, and throughout the United States. 

Unfortunately, unlike many area communities, the village of Waunakee currently prohibits residents from raising and caring for backyard chickens within the village limits. That is the problem we're trying to solve!   

The good news?  You can be a part of the solution by helping to support the Waunakee Chicken Charter:
  1. Only a small number of hens would be allowed (no roosters).

  2. The village will set rules for chicken permits to prevent nuisances.
  3. Permits can be revoked for rule violations (excessive noise, foul (fowl?) odors, repeated failure to contain one's birds, etc.) 

  4. Neighborhoods with homeowners associations will retain authority to prohibit chickens altogether, to allow chickens consistent with village rules, or to allow chickens with added neighborhood restrictions.   
How can you help support the legalization of backyard chickens in Waunakee?  Check out the Action Center, crack open an Action Egg, and help hatch the movement!  

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    Posted Sep 10, 2017, 6:15 PM by Waunakee Chickens
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