About the Movement

Okay, so "movement" may be a little too strong of a word as of right now, but, with your help, the backyard chicken movement in Waunakee could become a real and powerful thing!  This website is part of the attempt to reach out to others in the community and to try take this "movement" to the next level.  

For me, this all began almost 3 1/2 years ago. (The rough sequence of events is listed just a little ways below on this page.)  The important thing to know is that, so far, neither the village board or even a committee has been willing to place the topic on a meeting agenda for real discussion and consideration. So, at this point, I haven't been able to persuade the village leaders to take up the topic in a meaningful way. But, I'm going to stay positive, keep on working, seek some more support and help, and see what happens.  

Who can help? 
  • Other kids who are interested in backyard chickens
  • Families and others in the community who would be excited about the possibility of keeping their own chickens
  • Other people in the community who, although not interested in keeping their own chickens, agree that chicken keeping could be a fun and educational activity for kids, families, and other residents in the community. It sure beats more screen time, and a next-door hen beats a next-door noisy dog for most people I've talked to.  Bottom line, if you are not against us, you can be for us!  (Also, check out the "Should I be for chickens?" quiz on the Just for Fun page!)  
How can you help?  Come up with your own ideas or crack open a couple of the "Action Eggs" in the Action Center on this site.  My only request is that supporters keep things positive and fun.  Reasonable people can disagree without getting mean. So, basically, I'd appreciate it if any angry birds out there could find somewhere else to roost. 

Here is a rough chronology of things I've done so far:
  • Wrote a letter to the editor of the Waunakee Tribune
  • Spoke during the public comment period of a village board meeting
  • Was in an article in the Waunakee Tribune
  • Met with village administrators
  • Started an online petition
  • Presented village officials with a draft ordinance and sample permit form 
  • Presented village officials with other background resources 
  • Gathered signatures from just over half of my neighborhood (there is a neighborhood association, which makes things even more complicated)
What I've learned so far is that most people who initially have a negative opinion about the idea tend to change their mind (to be at least neutral) once they have a chance to learn more about backyard chickens and gather actual facts, instead of relying on speculation (or even misinformation). Not everyone changes their mind, of course, but a lot of people have!  I've tried to summarize my proposal in a few basic points that I call the Waunakee Chicken Charter.  The Chicken Charter can be found on the Home page of this site. 

Peace, Love, and Chickens to all,

--  Gen 

Peace, Love, Chickens sign made of Christmas lights