Waunakee's Chicken Rules

Currently, The Village of Waunakee does not allow backyard chickens in coops. That is the problem we're trying to solve!

Here is a link to the current village ordinance: Section 14-10(c)

If you looked at the ordinance, did you notice that chickens are prohibited in the same section that outlaws the keeping of "Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla)", "Hippopotami (Hippopotamidae)", "Rhinoceroses (Rhinocerotidae)", and "Sharks (class Chondrichthyes)"?  That's actually kind of funny!  The good news is that many other area communities have already "gone chicken" without causing serious problems and without going down the slippery slope of allowing people to keep rhinos and sharks in their yards.

Anyway, to try to make things as easy as possible for the village, we've already provided them with a draft of a new ordinance and a sample permit form.   If you are interested in the legal stuff, copies of those two documents are attached as pdf files at the bottom of this page.

More importantly, if you are willing to support chickens in Waunakee, be sure to contact the village staff and the members of the board of trustees to let them know that you "wauna" have chickens be allowed in Waunakee. Our local leaders have a lot of things that they are doing to make sure that Waunakee remains a pretty great place, but perhaps hearing from you will encourage them to spend a little time on the chicken initiative.  

Here is an email list of the members of the Board of Trustees and key administrators: 
  • gherzberg@waunakee.com; skraus@waunakee.com; jlaubmeier@waunakee.com; 
    sspringman@waunakee.com; gwalden@waunakee.com; pwillems@waunakee.com; 
    czellner@waunakee.com; kevin@waunakee.com; tschmidt@waunakee.com

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